From Riddle Series, Christian Burchard

FEBRUARY ::Betty LaDuke – Bountiful Harvest- paintings, prints and book launch :: Christian Burchard- wood sculpure

February featured exhibit: Betty LaDuke, paintings, prints and signing of new book, “Bountiful Harvest: From Land to Table” and the wood sculptures of Christian Burchard.

Hand built clay heart - Cheryl Kempner

Love is in the air!

Back from resting and rejuvenating in January! Come meet the artists and see what we’ve been up to. Hand built clay hearts and more!

Tia's Dream

Julie Bonney

By removing color, one is left with a black & white photograph that allows the space for the viewer to take in the nuanced play of light and the shapes and textures of the subject. Come take a deeper look with Julie Bonney as she explores flowers and simple landscapes created using the timeless technique of Black and White.

"Best Friends" Oil by Lori Garfield

“Unique Perspectives in Art” works by Rogue Women

Rogue Women is a group of professional artists from the Rogue Valley and Northern California who use diverse media and unique approached to making art.