2015 Ashland Open Studio Tour

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Pointing The Way

Deb Harder

Time…and eternity. To grasp what is infinite, is inconceivable. These images seek to capture the crossing paths of time and space juxtaposing formidable feats by earthly measure with astronomical wonders, which defy any tangible notion of space and time.

Elin Babcock and Sandra Davis with KIDs Art at AAW.

Sharing Art and Celebrating Artist Co-ops!

“Celebrating Artist Co-ops at AAW” in October! Seventeen member artists will participate in a gallery collective show, each choosing their “favorite” piece of art. Sharing art!

"Wolf Country 2"

“Simply Painted” Oil paintings by Carla Palmese

This is a simply painted show, a small collection of large paintings, about the dark and mysterious places where wolves live in Southern Oregon.