Mohau Modisakeng
"Passage", 2017
Still from Three Channel HD Projection
18:49 min
Edition of 10 + 2 AP

Migrating Bodies: For(saking) Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Co-curated by Jill Hartz, former executive director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon, Richard Herskowitz, artistic and executive director of the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF), and Scott Malbaurn, director of the Schneider Museum of Art.

Dream Tracks #1, Oil by Eric Peterson

“Time Travel” with Eric Peterson

“Traveling in my mind, through the softer lens of memory, and imagination, I find a comfort that rejuvenates and allows me to come back and deal with what we are all facing.” ~ Eric Peterson

Robert Koch, Little Monsters

Sue Springer, Stan Peterson and Robert Koch, A Trip to the Far Side

A Trip to the Far Side: Sue Springer, ceramic sculpture,Robert Koch, paintings, Stan Peterson, carved wood sculpture. July 3 – August 4
Temporary Summer Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12-4

Images Thru the Eye of the Photographer

Images Thru the Eye of the Photographer

Nature photography by Judy Benson LaNier, Jim Langhoffer and Jamie Lusch. Portraits by Pam Danielle. Landscapes by Jesse Widener and Todd Davis. World travel shots by Ken Deveney, Andi Taylor and Steve Dieffenbacher.