Farrell Cockrum "Horse" 40" x 30"

Mixed media paintings by Native American Farrell Cockrum

First opening in 1990, American Trails Gallery proudly features the arts and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. We also feature regional artists depicting the wildlife and landscapes of the area. When you purchase a gift from American Trails you are helping to support hundreds of families who are working hard to keep the traditional arts and crafts of their communities alive and well.  

Ceramic teapot by Bonnie Morgan

Locally Made: Furniture, pottery, and jewelry made with local materials

Featured this month are new offerings by furniture maker John Weston, decorative and functional pottery by Bonnie Morgan, and sterling silver and stone jewelry by Liz Ellingson.

Light Touch by Janet Patterson

The Female of the Species Part II

The Female of the Species Part II
Judy Benson La Neir

Gloria Kramer

Liz Shephard

Diane Lea


and many others – mixed mediums