Pueblo Storyteller Pottery

First opening in 1990, American Trails Gallery proudly features the arts and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. We also feature regional artists depicting the wildlife and landscapes of the area. When you purchase a gift from American Trails you are helping to support hundreds of families who are working hard to keep the traditional arts and crafts of their communities alive and well.  

"On the Trail" OIl Painting by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

“Gazing with Awe; Rogue Impressions and Beyond” Oil Paintings by Silvia Rothschild Trujillo

These are paintings that communicate mood and a sense of time by coloring the light and shadow of each season, scene, or still life with a perception of beauty that begs for acknowledgment.

Birds, Buddhas, Animals & Snakes

Birds, Buddhas, Books and Snakes

Elizabeth York opened Studio 151 in October 2016. The mixed media sculptural artwork in the gallery includes work from two books, Book of Beings and Embracing the Shadow, which began as a spontaneous form of art therapy. A number of pieces evolved from an investigation into issues with “time.” Additionally, much of the artwork incorporates buddhas and sacred geometry. Open First Friday, December 1, 2017, and by appointment via email through the website. Other artists will show their work in the studio periodically. Check the website for a preview of the gallery and additional information regarding events.


Winter Wonders: Holiday Gift Show Continues at Ashland Art Works

Give this holiday season a more meaningful touch with gifts created by local artists. We’ve been busy designing unique holiday creations sure to delight your friends, family, and yourself!