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Michael Gibson’s Paintings For Ashland Art Works May Showing

New Surrealistic Winescapes by Ashland Art Works painter, Michael Gibson. “I got into their heads, appreciating the originality of their compositions, use of color and love of life.

Alebrije or Animalistas

Alebrije or Animalistas

First opening in 1990, American Trails Gallery proudly features the arts and crafts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. We also feature regional artists depicting the wildlife and landscapes of the area. When you purchase a gift from American Trails you are helping to support hundreds of families who are working hard to keep the traditional arts and crafts of their communities alive and well.  

Lewis Anderson, Boatman

WATARU SUGIYAMA & LEWIS ANDERSON ceramic sculptures & digital photography

Wataru Sugiyama infuses a contemporary charm and humor into traditional Japanese motifs in his ceramic sculptures. Lewis Anderson digitally blends photographs to create mystic landscapes.