JEGA’s exhibit includes a bodacious mix of visual and contemporary art.

Breaking The Prejudices That Bind multimedia sculpture by J Ellen Austin JEGA Gallery. The multi media sculpture is made from two railroad connected to form a "T" laying on its side at the center is an antique saw blade is attached to the top of the cross and resembles a "christ" like head and hanbing off the head and left arm of cross are antique rusty chains adding to the effect the sculpture is rising up from an iron platform. J. Ellen the artist is asking you to debate and think about what meaning it has to the viewer.

As a working art studio the monthly exhibits include a bodacious mix of visual and contemporary art from talented artists in our Rogue Valley and beyond! Please inquire about our “by appointment only” as we are busy creating a commission piece!

Sensuous Stone Sculpture

Sensuous Stone Sculptures by artists J. Ellen Austin and Dawn Ferrari in Italian Translucent Alabaster Utah Alabaster and Colorado Marble

Sensuous Stone Sculpture featured by J. Ellen Austin and Dawn Ferrari. Live music during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk from 5pm-8pm. JEGA celebrates Art created by: Jason Bueter, Photography and Metal Garden Art; Chris Dworin, Ceramic Sculpture; Dawn Ferrari, Stone Sculptures; Tej Steiner, Ceramic Sculpture; Lucious M. Upshaw, limited edition Bronze Sculptures; Daniel Verner, Acrylic Paintings; Ingo Wedde, Outdoor Metal Sculpture. And J. Ellen Austin, Stone, Bronze and multi media Sculpture.

Live With Art!

JEGA encourages people to rid themselves of inhibitions & prejudices towards art, to experiment, create and live with art. Artists: Chris Dworin, Dawn Ferrari, Gayle Gray, Tej Steiner, Lucious M. Upshaw, Daniel Verner, Ingo Wedde and J. Ellen Austin

JEGA Features Contemporary Art from the Far East And Our Regional Artists!

JEGA features Contemporary Art from the Far East and our Regional Artists! Contemporary Sculptures: Marble, Bronze, Ceramic and Mixed Media: Artists: Jason Bueter, Chris Dworin, Dawn Ferrari, Lucious Upshaw, Tej Steiner; And Dan Verner, Ingo Wedde and Zinn!

A Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn Sillibration and Reading Of The Walls

A “Sillibration” and Reading of the Walls Celebration of the creative spirit of Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn. A Zinn Memorial scholarship has been set up with the SOU Foundation and proceeds from the profits of the prints will benefit college students. On display are Zinn’s original artworks or “Quiltz” from her series that include: Bomb Shadow, about growing up in the atomic age; Home Makers of the Academy, a tribute to the courage and wisdom of women; Flaming Youth, explores the perennial conflict between youth and age; You & Your Big Mouth, insight & irreverence from irrepressible women.

Honoring Zinn: A Tribute to Dr. Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn

Dr. Wilkins-O'Riley Zinn

Dr. Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn, artist, educator and “fun”sultant extraordinaire will be honored with an exhibit of her humorous and passionate artwork.