April First Friday Featured Artists


Featured Artists: Photographer, Leonard Lea; Gallery Artists, Paula Fong & Marty Hogan; Print Artist, Amy Godard; Studio Artists, Marty Hogan & Michael Corcoran; Musician, Martin Ball.

Three Dimensional Printmade Jewelery by Tiffany Hokanson


Tiffany Hokanson will be showing her copper etched and metal jewelry in Studio 6B. Carolee Buck and Donna Hertz are the Upstairs Featured Artists and their work can be seen in Studio #10”. David Lorenz Winston’s photography will be on display at The Photographers Gallery and JJ Joss will be providing live music. 

The Art of Midge Black

Lithia Creek

Come and see the art of Midge Black, including paintings, drawings, and prints. Melody Blore,the featured studio artist, has a happy palette and works in acrylic. Featured Clay Artist Sheri Clarey, will be showing her work. Darcie Sternenberg, a photographer specializing in black and white imagery and she will be showing her work at The Photographer’s Gallery. Blades of Grass will be providing music.

The Art of Janette Ervin-Brown, Elaine Frenett and Darlene Southworth


The Art of Janette Ervin-Brown, Elaine Frenett and Darlene Southworth, here you can sample their wild imaginings: throwing, swirling, stapling, stitching, cutting, tearing mostly watercolor media upon paper. From what had randomly appeared in the artist’s mind, came these expressions of experimentation. The featured Photographer, Lewis Anderson, is a local image-
maker who likes to explore the boundaries between photography and painting. JJ Joss will provide live music

Magical Realism -Whimsical Animals: The Artwork of Liza Hamilton and Denise Kester


Imaginative needle felted wool sculptures by fiber artist Liza Hamilton will be displayed with Denise Kester’s ‘Story Art’. This month: Printmaker, Tiffany Hokanson, will be displaying her most recent work as the downstairs featured artist at the Ashland Art Center. Featured Gallery Artist, Linda Dixon is showing oil paintings of local images. Leonard Lea is a local nature photographer living in Ashland Oregon who will be featuring a selection of images entitled “Floral Impressions” at The Photographers Gallery.

Ponchos on Parade by Laura Lawrence


Textile artist Laura Lawrence will present Ponchos on Parade in Upstairs in Studio #7. Paula Fong, watercolor illustratins, and Jane Sterling , ceramic sculpture, will be featured in the main Gallery. And visit featued downstairs artist Elijah Boor in Studios # 2B and #3B.
visit Elijah downstairs in Studios # 2B and #3B

A Method to the Madness by Debra Rene Harder

My World

A Method to the Madness by Debra Rene Harder, the Featured Photographer of July 2016. July’s Upstairs Featured Artists – Zoe West and Susanne Petermann will be presenting their work in Upstairs Studio #6. Downstairs Featured Artist, Lisa Eldredge will present her ceramics and the Gallery Featured Artists are Hannah Brehmer and Leah Mebane. Accapellaré will present live music.

Jo Ann Manzone – Mother Earth-the Art of Botanical Printing

felt vest printed with eucalyptus

Jo Ann Manzone, a felter, botanical printer and dyer displays her botanical prints in her showcase entitled Mother Earth-The Art of Botanical Printing.
Samantha McDermott, fiber artist and natural dyeing.
Live music by APhoebe Knowles and Accapellaré

Dean Buchser

Dean Buchser

Dean Buchser has been creating mosaics for over twenty years, He thrives on the vibrant colors and reflections in his mosaic mirrors. The convex mirrors warp what we see into what it just might be. What exactly is behind the looking glass?

Creating mosaics for over twenty years, I thrive on the vibrant colors and reflections in my mosaic mirrors. The convex mirrors warp what we see into what it just might be. What exactly is behind the looking glass?

With a zest for Central American culture and my early years in the desert southwest, I sculpt what I have seen in my dreams. There are places in time that change us and sculpt us into who we are, who we have been and who we will become. These little steps or giant leaps we take are so much who we are as people and as artists.

Visit Dean upstairs in Studio #8.

Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) Group Art Show

SASH image

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) Group Art Show will be in the main classroom.

Life Needs Art! Summer at Ashland Art Center

Summer is almost here and with it longer days to happily fill with art and creativity. Take a stroll around all three floors of the Art Center and explore the beautiful art in our galleries and artists’ studios. Live music performed by Sage Meadows. Special Show in the Classroom: Quilting to Honor and Comfort.