Paintings and Sculpture

Landscape1- Michael Gibson

Our Featured Artists this month are Michael Gibson and George Popa, showing all new paintings by Michael with fun new wire sculptures by George.

Shades of Blue: Dyeing with Indigo

Pitcher & Pears 2

Learn about Indigo dyeing, meet our featured artists, Jennifer Anne Nelson and Photographer, Debra Harder. Music by Holly Gleason, wine by Platt Anderson Cellars. A fun evening for all!

Rogue Valley Views: Woodworking, Furniture, and Paintings


Come see new offerings by painter Michael Gibson, who took inspiration from the Bear Creek Wine Trail, and furniture maker John Weston, who uses woods found and sourced in the Rogue Valley.

Photography, Textiles & Glass work

Lead Image_JohnKirk_Take Me With You

Glass Artist, Dan Seffinger will be demonstrating his process, Textile Artist, Jo Ann Manzone and Photographer, John Kirk showcase their work. Music and Wine tasting.

Featured Artists, First Friday Art Walk, March 2017

Hibiscus sm

Ashland Art Center: Featured Artists: Darlene Southworth & Susanne Petermann. Featured Photographer: Julie Bonney and Musical Guest: Iconoplasty

Bridget Reynolds, Featured Artist

Deity Arts

Bridget Reynolds, Deity Arts is our featured artist for February.  Her Ganesh theme will be represented in her drawings, tracing mono prints multi-media, journals and cards.  Bridget, a Business Consultant and Artist came to art late in life and has found such joy and depth in the process. From the beginning she was compelled to create deities and has followed this. She loves and respects the energy that presents as she works and hopes that this energy translates to the pieces created. Featured Photographer: John Christer Petersen Show:  A Hidden Gem in Sweden John-Christer Petersen is a local photographer who has shown his work in multiple venues in the Rogue Valley.  In recent history, though raised by Danish parents, John discovered that he was adopted and is Swedish.  Instead of being an “only” child he has been welcomed into a large family in Sweden.  Last summer John made another trip to Sweden to visit his family and to learn more about his true heritage.  He will be showing “A Hidden Gem in Sweden”, at The Photographer’s Gallery in the Ashland Art Center during the 1st Friday Art Walk in Ashland on February 3rd.         […]

Zoe Alowan: Selections from collections “First Ladies of Jazz” and “Ecstatic Grace”

Ella Fitzgerald

    Zoe Alowan invokes the beautiful colors of Matisse and Mondrian while also delivering a Reductionist’s boldness. Using large rhythmic strokes Zoe Alowan depicts the shimmer and swinging vitality of the First Ladies of Jazz, one of her favorite subjects. Painting since a child and with an Oberlin art degree, she also helped establish the Manifesto of Reductionism along with other artists from the Grass Valley Graphics Group. Her art has graced the venues of hundreds of renowned jazz musicians. Wynton Marsalis, Brandford Marsalis, Herbie Hancock and others have preformed alongside her monumental jazz paintings at International Association for Jazz Educators (IJAE) events from 2003 to 2008.             Also showing by Zoe Alowan are selections from her “Ecstatic Grace” collection inspired by traditional Devadasi Sadir. Traditional Devadasi Sadir is the sacred temple dance of South India. For hundreds of years these dances were performed as daily temple punja (ceremony) by Devadasi women. Using a language of gesture and complex steps, the dancer surrenders her identity to become the vehicle for the expression of ecstatic grace.

JEGA Sculpture and Multi Media Exhibit

Sculpture! Garden Installations: Jason Bueter, Cheryl Garcia, Pokey Mcfarland, Ingo Wedde; Sensuous Stone: J. Ellen Austin, Dawn Ferrari; Bronze: Lucious M. Upshaw; Ceramics: Chris Dworin, Tej Steiner; Multi Media: Tom Stamper. Wood: Michael Fansler; Walls: Acrylic: Rosemary Dalton, Dan Verner; Digital: Kristina Royce; Print: Richard Royce.