“Sunrise, Sunset”

"Morning Light" a pastel painting by Judy Richardson

December 3, First Friday, our last first Friday we will have 2-4 artists at the gallery all day from 10 am – 7 pm.

“Oregon Land and Sea” New Oils and Acrylics by Christina Madden

"Go With The Flow" Oil by Christina Madden

“I have always been inspired by nature’s astounding beauty and variety.”

“What a Difference a Frame Makes!”

"sivo'ham, sivo'ham" (I am Shiva, I am Shiva) Oil by Eric Peterson, framing by Peter Stone

“What a Difference a Frame Makes” This exhibit includes artwork by all of the Art & Soul Gallery artists which has been framed by Peter, the gallery’s new owner. January, 2020

Oil Paintings by David William Terry

Gabija 16x20 oil on linen by David W Terry 300

David William Terry uses oil paint to portray what he considers to be beautiful, focusing on capturing the essential character of his subjects and less concerned with originality or style.

“Color Notes” Oil painting on linen by Jenay Elder


Jenay Elder’s impressionistic oil paintings are known for their textured notes of color, representational quality and their sensitive subject matter.

“Floral Gardens” oil on canvas by Alice Niemiec

"Peony Flower" Oil on Canvas by Alice Niemiec

“The beauty of flower gardens have inspired me since I was a child. I love to watch the flowers dance in the bright sunshine.” Alice Niemiec

Merging Art & Music, Come see it happen live

Ashland Deer

How does and artist get from a blank canvas to a finished painting? Merging art and music, come and see it happen live!

“Land of My Heart” Oil Paintings by Silvia Trujillo

"Hill Song" Oil on Canvas by Silvia Trujillo

“It’s my goal to honor land, water, and sky in my paintings and to create a need for preserving an area’s natural beauty.” – Silvia Trujillo

“Mountains and More” Paintings by Carla Griffin

"Smith Rock" Pastel painting by Carla Griffin

Carla presents her exquisite, realistic Oil and Pastel paintings. Her expressive landscapes depict the world through her observations and vision.

“Lithia Park and Beyond” Paintings by Joan Brown

"Gold Leaf" Oil painting by Joan Brown

Joan Brown is an award winning artist who paints an array of subjects, her oil paintings are noted for their light and color. This exhibit features her paintings of Lithia Park and beyond.

“Simply Painted” Oil paintings by Carla Palmese

This is a simply painted show, a small collection of large paintings, about the dark and mysterious places where wolves live in Southern Oregon.

“Funny Farm” Oil paintings by Dana Feagin

"Sugar Rush"  Oil painting by Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin’s new exhibit “The Funny Farm”, captures the silly side of farm animals we love. 10% of sales from this show will be donated to Sanctuary One, a local non-profit care farm.

“Expressions of Spring” paintings by Art&Soul Gallery

Morning by the Bay pastel painting by Willo Balfrey

Art&Soul Gallery presents “Expressions of Spring” a gallery show featuring Art&Soul artists exhibiting works that depict the change from winter to the color, light and warmer days of Spring.

“Farms That Became Ashland” Oil Paintings by Carla Palmese

Billings Barn

Carla has documented historic farms of Ashland. her expressive oil paintings will be accompanied by historic black and white photos.

“Travels in North Wales” paintings by Carla Palmese

Canal near Ellesmere

Carla Palmese is exhibiting her oil paintings of her trip through the canal so North Wales