New Artwork – February 2013

NEW ARTWORK AT DAVIS AND CLINE GALLERY – FEBRUARY 2013 This limited edition photograph by Miya Ando uses special dyes applied to a brushed aluminum sheet. The result is a dynamic and lustrous surface that changes with the light source and the viewer’s angle of view.   Frieda Golding’s new drawings on mylar are subtle outlines of her environment distilled to essential abstractions of color and association.  Framed at 14″ x 13 1/2″ in clear maple wood with plexiglass.   Once again, Natalie Sudman has successfully expressed the same sense of vastness and isolation fused with observational annotation that was so much a part of her earlier map series. In this case however, the documentation of lost civilizations has been replaced by the documentation of the process of loss of our own civilization.   Keira Kotler’s paintings done on acrylic sheets using slow drying urethane and varnishes, shimmer like transparent liquid metal illusions.   Matthew Picton’s work is best understood as a progression and development of a focused idea using a broad range of innovative and unusual media. His work has an intellectual point of departure with a near […]

Exhibition for March – RED

“RED” is a show of recently delivered new non-objective work from Catherine Woskow. The show, which will run through March in Gallery Space 1 includes a stunning body of work in RED as well as new work from wood turner John Dowling.   In Gallery Space 2 we will be featuring kiln formed glass vessels by one of our new glass artists for 2013 Rhoda Baer. On the walls in Gallery Space 2 will be work from Carrie Seid who specializes in oiled silk and aluminum sculpture.