A Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn Sillibration and Reading Of The Walls

Flaming Youth

Flaming Youth, explores the prennial conflict between youth and age

A “Sillibration” and Reading of the Walls Celebration of the creative spirit of Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn at the JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden.

Come by during the Ashland Gallery Association’s First Friday Art walk, December 6th from 5pm to 8pm.  On display are Zinn’s original artworks or “Quiltz” from her series that include: Bomb Shadow, about growing up in the atomic age; Home Makers of the Academy, a tribute to the courage and wisdom of women; Flaming Youth, explores the perennial conflict between youth and age; You & Your Big Mouth, insight & irreverence from irrepressible women.

Zinn called her artwork Quiltz because they are created piece by piece utilizing pen and ink, and is illustrative of the diversity of thought and being that underlies the stereotypes we see on the initial viewing.  The artworks that are in black and white avoid ‘coloring.”  Zinn collected quotations for over 30 years.  She wrote them on 3×5 cards and categorized them in ziplock baggies.  She surrounded each image with a related quotation to illuminate the diversity of voices surrounding each topic.  She would explain that this particular kind of art making is also representative of the way women often create, in bits and pieces within the context of their lives.

The general public is encouraged to view her original artwork and purchase prints to keep a bit of Zinn’s inspiration for themselves.  A Zinn Memorial scholarship has been set up with the SOU Foundation and proceeds from the profits of the prints will benefit college students.

Zinn’s collection will be available at the JEGA Gallery at the corner of 5th and A Street in Ashland’s Historic Railroad District in Ashland Oregon.  Contact us at jega4art@gmail.com or 541-488-2472

Wilkins O’Riley Zinn, a mentor, educator, artist and positive influence on everyone she ever met, was inspiring and a gem to be around. Zinn’s grace you could never forget, and will live on through her art. May she rest knowing there were many that loved her.

JEGA’s December’s exhibit is a unique display of original contemporary art, environmental garden sculptures, photography and vintage prints.  Whether or not you are looking to add to or start your own art collection, come to the JEGA Gallery and Be Inspired to Live with Art!

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