September 2013 Featured Artist

Cornelius MatteoUsing dynamic lighting techniques, Photographer Cornelius Matteo captures his vision of the excitement and energy of the 2013 Ashland Film Festival. Wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, and music by Alexis.

“Every Spring, Southern Oregon is buzzing with the excitement of the Ashland Independent Film Festival. Over 18,000 tickets are sold to film lovers who gather at the historic art-deco Varsity Theatre in downtown Ashland to watch over 85 films in five days. These photographs represent my vision of this wonderful event ” – Cornelius Matteo


“It all began as a child, watching the great films. Life unfolded
before my eyes and I wondered what lay inside each actor’s
thoughts and feelings.
I questioned the role that light played in telling
each person’s story and studied how both lightness
and darkness illuminated character.
For the past 15 years I have worked in visual arts
both as a commercial videographer and a photographer. I was
also nominated for my work in Off Broadway for a Spotlight On
award, for best lighting design.
As a new-comer to Ashland, my joy comes from working with
clients who seek a unique and loving portrait of themselves, family
or friends.” – Cornelius Matteo