August Artwalk

Our featured artist’s for August is Marilyn Zupan.

 Art has always been a large part of Marilyn’s life. Marilyn was raised in a family that appreciated art in all forms, and several family members are artists. Marilyn’s father was English and she was fortunate enough to be able to live in England for more than 3 years. She developed a deep love for the softness and beauty of the English Countryside. Marilyn’s journey into art began with calligraphy becoming a passion that led to her teaching this art form for more than 20 years.  In 2009, a friend suggested that she try doing watercolours and a new passion was born. The freedom and beauty of watercolour captured Marilyn’s imagination. She has been painting and taking classes since then and ha not stopped, event to the point of painting in her dreams. She is inspired by memories of England and being able to recreate those memories in watercolour is pure joy. Marilyn was honored by being juried into the Watercolor Society of Oregon in October 2011.


Other Artists on display include Norm Rossignol and Boni de’Laire Kettering.

Norm Rossignol ~  He began painting in watercolors and pastels in 1985 and has enjoyed primarily painting outdoors “en plein air” for many years. Focusing mainly on landscapes, Southern Oregon has kept him challenged. More than just pretty landscapes he strives to capture scenes that convey a narrative and engage the viewer on a deeper level. Norm is an instructor of watercolor and pastels and his paintings have been sold nationally and internationally.  He is a juried member of both the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Pastel Society of Oregon, a member of Southern Oregon Society of Artists and Southern Oregon Artists. Norm also co-founded  the Plein Air Society of Southern Oregon


Boni de’Laire Kettering- Boni’s goal is to paint with an artist’s heart and make a difference for her viewers heart. As a landscape artist Boni paints with her emotional contact with nature, the feeling of  ‘light, color and essence of the moment’. Her mentor is Stefan Baumann, a renowned landscape and Plein Air artist from near-by Mt. Shasta, California. The best part of outdoor painting for her is being out in nature- rain or shine.  ” Like a seasoned hunter, I hunt with my paintbrush and palette, capturing the moment forever on canvas.”

On hand we will also have several Seasoned Artists of Real Estate. These agent’s will be hosting the evening and be on hand to answer any questions about the real estate you may have. They can answer questions big or small; and are happy to answer any questions of the curious minded.  So come down and enjoy a wonderful evening of art, conversation and refreshments.