Poetry Printed on Antique Printing Presses

Cathy DeForest Studio is located in a farmhouse just 5 minutes from Ashland. Visits, arranged by appointment, include demonstrations on antique printing presses and a tour of the book arts studio. Cathy’s most recent work includes: etchings, artist books, poetry pockets and a letterpress broadside featuring the work of Barry Lopez. During April, National Poetry Month, Cathy will be part of “Poets On The Loose” offering poems to willing strangers on the streets of Ashland. In the past year, Cathy’s work was bought by: Amherst College, Brown University, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, UC Santa Barbara,Swarthmore College, the NY Public Library, and The Book Club Of California. She was also selected for two upcoming books, 100 Northwest Artists and Thread Loves Paper. Call or email to arrange a visit and directions to the farmhouse studio.

Artful Gifts for the Discerning Lover

This month we offer a group exhibit with new-comer Damien Leggett plus Oregon-based artists Lindy Kehoe, Gaelyn Larrick, Michael Gibson, Pegi Smith, Heidi Davies, David Sherman, Shoshanah Dubiner, Adam Bickel and Jacquelene Ambrose. Not your Mamma’s toy store, Love Revolution is an artistic gift and education center committed to bringing you a deeper, more playful experience of your sensual side. We promote evocative art as inspiration to discovering your passionate, creative nature. Culturally speaking, we have a lot of growth and healing to do and Love Revolution is devoted to opening the dialogue and creating the opportunity for sexual wellness and freedom. We like to say we’re “shining new light on the old paradigm.” We hope you will join us.