Opening Up To New Perspectives: Art that encourages people to open up their perspectives and ways of viewing the world.

‘Opening Up To New Perspectives’, is the title of a stone sculpture by resident sculptor, J. Ellen Austin and is a feature of this month’s exhibit. As an artist, J. Ellen appreciates that Art has the potential to provoke and challenge a viewer’s perspectives and ways of looking at the world. Italian translucent alabaster is a distinctive choice for an artist to open up and allow light to naturally shine through the stone. This particular stone inspired her to create a symbol of harmony and hope. She asserts that, “‘Opening Up To New Perspectives’ is something I have tried to do throughout my life, and I hope other artists and art appreciators might consider doing themselves.” She desired to create a sculpture that would encourage dialogue. Art that encourages people to open up their perspectives and ways of viewing the world. Allow yourself to open up to new perspectives. Join us this month at the JEGA Gallery. Be prepared for a bodacious mix of visual and contemporary art including: paintings, drawings, performance art and sculpture. The JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Inc., 625 A Street an Art Triplex nestled in […]


Love Revolution is not an ordinary gallery. We promote conscious relating and safe, healthy sensuality. We’re an artistic gift and education center committed to bringing you a deeper, more playful experience of your erotic side. We promote evocative art as inspiration to discovering your passionate, creative nature. Photographer Mary Landberg is our featured artist this month with her “Lovers Loving collection – Capturing the Intimate Beauty of the Human Form in Love”. Other artists at Love Revolution include Daniel Verner, Roylon Mortensen, Eddie Coyote, Cheryl Haddock, Holly L. Adams, Pegi Smith, Robin Leigh, Lindy Kehoe, Damien Leggett and Vrinda Heyden. Love Revolution is devoted to opening the dialogue and creating the opportunity for sexual wellness and freedom. We hope you will join us.