PNW Wonderland

"Still Mind"        28 X 22

"Still Mind" 28 X 22

Jessica Johnson is a contemporary landscape oil painter born in San Francisco and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  She is passionate about the outdoors especially after experiencing backpacking at the tender age of just 3 years old.  Jessica began cultivating an artistic expression from a young age and throughout all four years of high school.  Watercolors, ink, charcoal, pencil, and acrylics, were her mediums in those early years. At 18 and during a trip abroad,  she settled in Southern Italy and was inspired by the oil paintings of Renaissance and Impressionistic artists.  Jessica understood that these master works stood the test of time.  Upon returning to the states, Jessica chose oil paints to perfect her contemporary, impressionistic style  and continues to master the medium, ever evolving with her work highlighting beautiful colors, forms, and natural light.