“Manifest Magik”

"Aquarian Nights"  18 X 18 Acrylic

"Aquarian Nights" 18 X 18 Acrylic

Heather Brunetti is a self-taught artist living and creating in the Rogue Valley.  Her work strives to translate an emotional landscape that cannot be captured with words, but that gives access to emotions that we all share in common.  Heather’s artistic approach is vivid and dreamy – filled with rich, bold layers of color and fluid shapes.  She has enjoyed being published on the title page of the 2017 We’Moon Datebook as well as multiple other publications.  She will share her artistic flair with Shepherd’s Dream starting June 1st throughout July, 2018.  Siskiyou Violins will be serenading while retail personnel will walk you through an inviting showroom in Downtown Ashland.  Come for the art, stay for the munchies and the beautifully crafted musical experience both outside and within our new location.  Open daily Tuesday-Saturday 11a-6p.