Judy Benson LaNier

Honu Mosaic

Honu Mosaic

Both The Photographers Gallery and the Ashland Art Center in which the Gallery is located, are closed due to Covid-19.   The Art Center will remain closed until further notice but will be open by appointment.   You can contact the Art Center at info@ashlandartcenter.org with any questions or requests.   We are pleased to feature Judy LaNier’s art here during the months of May and June.

Judy Benson LaNier’s new show, The Shape of Water, explores photographically water venues from the sky to the ocean.  She says, “Our world is designed by water.  We are surrounded by water and we humans share it with all manner of other life forms.  We have learned to appreciate the many aspects of water:  its power, its beauty, and its life-giving properties.”

Judy, an Ashland High School graduate, is captivated by water in its ever-changing forms and is delighted to show through her photographs that water is never the same view twice.


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