Bobbi Murphy

Mobius Arch, CA

Mobius Arch, CA

Death Valley ResurrectionAlabama Hills, CABobbi Murphy’s new show, Public Land Grab, opens at The Photographers’ Gallery at The Ashland Art Center on Friday, January 5th.

For the first time in U.S. history, the government is shrinking federally protected park lands.  In December, 2,000,000 acres lost their National Monument status and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge is now open to drilling.  And this is just the beginning.

The administration has signaled it will continue the attack on federal lands and either lease them to the extractive industries or sell them off in return for political favors.  A new bill is being proposed to severely limit the Antiquities Act which will result in less land set aside for conservation and public access.

Bobbi’s images show some of the incredible beauty of our public lands and encourages the viewer to imagine their loss. At Glacier National Park in Montana,  a German visitor said to Bobbi; “You Americans are so lucky to have this.  In Europe this would be privately owned and off limits”.

All proceeds from her show will be donated to The Nature Conversancy and The Natural Resources Defense Council.