Dan Elster

The Warrior

The Warrior

Peek a Boo
Eyes of the Wild

Dan Elster, a local wildlife photographer and new member of The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center is the featured artist in June and showing images of raptors.

Dan Elster was born in Chicago. In his old life, he was the manager of his brother’s food distribution business on the west side of Chicago. Several years ago, Dan and his wife, Patty took a leap of faith … they quit their jobs, sold their home and hit the road. Patty took a job as a travel nurse, while Dan pursued a dream career in wildlife photography.

Dan’s subjects are completely wild (no captive or “staged” shots) and it’s important to him that people know that. There is something different about wild creatures, you can see it in their eyes.  – to them, every day is a struggle, just to survive.

Dan hopes you can see and feel the wild in these photographs. The hawk’s eye is being protected by its nictitating membrane (a secondary, translucent eyelid that does not affect the hawks vision).  Great horned owl’s eyes are proportionally amongst the largest of any terrestrial creatures on earth.  Eyesight is critical for the survival of both.

Big Bird