Gestures at the Continent Edge

Bruce Bayard, BONSAI ROCK, photograph

Bruce Bayard, BONSAI ROCK, photograph

Drawing, Photography, Video
Ann DiSalvo, Bruce Bayard

On a recent trip to the Oregon and California coast between Harris Beach and Elk Prairie, Ann DiSalvo drew scenes en plein air, and Bruce Bayard shot photos and video; each artist exploring in their own way the boundary between land and sea.

Focusing primarily on rock forms, Ann’s drawings convey strength, yet allude to the fragile nature of the land, the potential for upheaval when considering the unusual mixture of rock forms especially near Crescent City. While the masses of rock represent solidity, geologically it is a subduction zone and earthquakes, with ensuing tsunamis, can be expected in time.

Bruce’s photography and video present both soft and hard edges of the land-sea boundary. Trees, waves, sand, clouds, and mist soften the massive rock forms that tumble from the continent’s edge. Image sequences portray the temporal journey of humans through the ancient stands of redwoods.

During the August First Friday artwalk, a video projection and improvised soundscape will be presented in addition to the drawings and photos.