Ann DiSalvo Figurative Drawings

Cat Totem, 2014, pastel

Cat Totem, 2014, pastel

As a winner of the RV Biennial 2013 Juror’s Choice Award, Ann DiSalvo exhibited 15 classical nudes in pastel at the Grants Pass Museum of Art in March, 2014. These drawings are now on exhibit in Ashland, at Studio A.B.

“Study of the figure has been part of my art education from the beginning, as it is the most challenging subject to learn with. It’s easy to see errors and the rewards are self evident. Living, moving forms reflect light in unique ways for value study. Skin, hair (or fur) and eyes hold colors that surprise. The shapes of humans and animals are ever-changing. They can express and evoke thought.

I have always felt the kinship between humans and animals. Each have a niche in their ecosystem. Sharing resources preserves harmony. Some of my drawings pair a human and an animal, evoking a totemic tradition – another way to link species and imagine wordless communication.

These drawings were made in Wednesday evening figure study sessions at the Ashland Art Center. Each weekly session was a single pose. We worked for three hours and repeated in the following week for a six-hour drawing. Most were finished at my home, Studio A.B. The sessions with artists sharing models, humans drawing humans, taught as much about humans as it did about art. It is a good alternative to solitary studio work. As an artist, my subject matter explorations change between genres, but I will always follow a fascination with figure study.”