June is 15th anniversary at Studio A.B

The trains were still running, and things were otherwise pretty quiet on A Street when Ann DiSalvo and Bruce Bayard landed in the JEGA art complex and started Studio A.B in 1998. While Ann had already established the Pomegranate drawing group, annual exhibits of nudes began shortly after moving in. In 2000, Bruce gave up painting in favor of creating art on the computer.

Also in that time, Ann began a long association with the street painting community in Medford and Grants Pass. Studio A.B took on production and editing of the Ashland Gallery Guide in 1999 and 2000. Bruce did design for seven years, while Ann continues to edit that publication. Bruce created two series’ of handmade books, a 1000-image series and accompanying book and blog, “The Weekly Press,” which has morphed into a time-base video presentation.

Art from various stages of these fifteen years are on display throughout the month.

Duo Flamenco (Grant Ruiz and Terry Longshore) perform during the First Friday Artwalk from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Duex Fille, pastel by Ann DiSalvo

Duex Fille, pastel by Ann DiSalvo