Fighting Men, Vanessa Calvert, and Summer Camp!

Jack Kirby, Captain America #211, page 1, 1977, Inker: Mike Royer, pen and brush and ink on Bristol board, 15 x 10 in. Courtesy of Aaron Noble and Jenette Goldstein. ™ & © Marvel and Subs.

Jack Kirby, Captain America #211, page 1, 1977, Inker: Mike Royer, pen and brush and ink on Bristol board, 15 x 10 in. Courtesy of Aaron Noble and Jenette Goldstein. ™ & © Marvel and Subs.

Fighting Men: Golub, Voulkos, and Kirby

To create Fighting Men: Golub, Voulkos, and Kirby, curator Daniel Duford pulled together three seemingly disparate artists who worked with different media and were part of different genres. “Jack Kirby (1917-1994), Leon Golub (1922-2004), and Peter Voulkos (1924-2000) occupy alternate dimensions—their achievements are chronicled in different art histories, each with its own priorities.” However, Duford was interested in exploring the work of these three artists because “they were all immersed in discredited mediums and subject matter—they rooted around in the mud of history and myth, emerging with their own muscular and ham-fisted approach to their respective materials.”

Duford conceived of Golub, Voulkos, and Kirby within the theme of Fighting Men because of the violence and power that pervades

Peter Voulkos, Untitled (Cr 320-Pr) monotype, 1999

Peter Voulkos, Untitled (Cr 320-Pr) monotype, 1999

their works. “The specter of violence and the consequences of power animate this exhibition—raw power emanates from the artwork,” states Duford. Leon Golub’s cautionary paintings depict the violence stemming from political power gone awry. Peter Voulkos’ ceramic pieces are the result of the powerful strength involved in punching great slabs of clay together to arrive at an object of beauty. Jack Kirby’s historically significant comic illustrations of superheroes such as Captain America and the Avengers, depict the violent struggle over evil, real and imagined.

Fighting Men: Golub, Voulkos, Kirby was curated by Portland artist Daniel Duford and the exhibition was organized by Linda Tesner, Director of the Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art, Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. The exhibition was originally displayed in the Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery from October 25, 2102 through March 2, 2013. Schneider Museum of Art Acting Director Erika Leppmann seized the opportunity to bring this exhibition of nationally important artists to Southern Oregon, as part of the Museum’s practice of “collaborating with regional arts organizations in sharing exhibitions, thereby sharing costs and supporting the arts ecology of Oregon.”


The exhibition will be on view through June 8, 2013. A stunning companion guide of essays and photographs of the exhibition will be on sale at the Museum front desk. The book is $20 for non-members and $15 for members. Patrons have the opportunity to sign up for a membership at the time of purchase.

Recent Work by Vanessa Calvert

Opening concurrently with Fighting Men is Recent Work by Vanessa Calvert, an exhibition in the Museum’s Treehaven Gallery. Calvert is a sculpture and installation artist from Portland who incorporates crafts such as upholstery in her work. She states that her “work invokes the personal and collective mythology of domestic objects with forms evolving out of household materials and structures—the pieces explore the connection we have with the objects and spaces that surround us—becoming reflections of ourselves, delicately balanced between order and disorder.” Calvert received her M.F.A. in 2009 from Portland State University and her B.A. from Whitman College in 2003. She has shown her work throughout Oregon and Washington, including venues such as the Bellevue Museum, Disjecta, Igloo, The White Box, FalseFront Studio, and Broderick Gallery.

The artwork on display in Calvert’s exhibition is the result of her one-month stay on the SOU campus last winter as part of the Center for the Visual Arts’ artist-in-residence program. During that time, she created work alongside SOU art students and faculty, invoking her teaching philosophy to help students “develop a growing ability to question what, why, and how they are making work while building a strong relationship with the materials and concepts they are using.” Recent Work by Vanessa Calvert will be on view through May 4, 2103. The artist-in-residence program and the exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Ford Family Foundation.

Schneider Museum of Art
 Youth CampSchneider Museum of Art Summer Youth Camp

June 24-27
Monday to Thursday
10 AM to 4 PM daily
Ages 12-15 (grades 6-9)
(some tuition assistance available to those in need)

This camp offers a truly unique experience for youth to explore art making and agriculture with a focus on the importance of soil as the basis for food and ceramics production.

Create- Using locally-sourced raw clay, students will examine the steps necessary to process clay into a workable ceramics medium. Students will learn and practice hand-building methods, decorative applications, glazing techniques, and participate in kiln firings. Students will also sketch on location and participate in a collaborative painting project.

Connect- Students will participate in an activity-based tour of Betty LaDuke’s global agriculture-themed artwork at the Schneider Museum of Art where they will hear from the artist herself. Students will gain an understanding of the essential nature of soil and its important role in both agriculture and domestic products through a dynamic geology lesson.

Consume- Students will take part in a “scavenger hunt” for unusual produce at a local farmer’s market where they will have the opportunity to engage with local farmers. The camp will culminate in a tour of an organic farm where students will sketch and harvest their own lunch.

Instructor: Sam Scharf
Location: Schneider Museum of Art on Southern Oregon University Campus in Ashland, OR

For more information, contact Holly Kilpatrick at or (541) 552-6245.

The registration deadline is June 7.  Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged.

Ashland Food Co-op

Summer Youth Camp
generously supported by
a grant from the
Ashland Food Co-op