Mera Oliveria

He was Cold

Mera Oliveria grew up in Southern Oregon and began oil painting in the past 6 years, learning from local artists which revealed her inherent natural abilities. Mera has always loved art but it wasn’t until she encountered the living God that she feels her art and skill level blossomed in new ways. Like in the story of Exodus, where God gave skill to craftsmen and artists to build the sacred place where He would meet again with His people, she believes artists are gifted with abilities to create art that allows one to encounter the living God, a meeting place, so to speak.
Along with working in painting, Mera engages in chalk festivals where artists spend days on the asphalt creating large chalk murals in the streets. Ashland residents may remember Mera transforming the sidewalk  in the summer of 2017 in front of the Black Swan Theater with a 12 x 12 chalk art rendition of Henry IV, the Prodigal Son along with artist Cathy Gallatin.   She feels that involving the public in the process of creating art is special for many reasons, emphasizing the importance of the arts within community and how beauty is a form of unity, a universal language that speaks of the human experience we all live, and the spiritual and emotional journey that no one can escape.
Mera strives to put meaning into her artwork,  yearning to express deeper messages within it and capturing the moments in which we can relate to one another. As a mother, her two children offer great inspiration for that. She and her husband, who is a musician and actor, collaborate with their skills often and live with their two young kids (ages 3 and 5 months) in Medford. They thrive on being involved in the local arts community as a family as in their movie “Pilgrim’s Progress”. To see more of Mera’s art and works in progress, visit her on  Instagram: @MeraOlive
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