“Beyond the Clouds” – Featuring Art by Tonya Bloomer at Ashland Pony Espresso, September 7th, 2018

Artists and art appreciators, join us at the Ashland Pony Espresso/Washington Federal Bank for First Friday Art Walk, September 7th, from 5pm-8pm. Tonya Bloomer’s whimsically illustrative art is a joyous invitation to step outside our everyday expectations into a world of surprise, possibilities, and fun. It’s time to get inspired, so grab a cup of coffee or a meal, meet the artist, and enjoy a fun and relaxing evening of looking at art and talking with other creatives.


About this month’s featured artist:

I studied art at the Ashland Academy of Art in 2008-2010. When I’m not capturing creativity and transposing it onto paper, I work as a therapist for Options for Southern Oregon. My motivation for painting comes from an idea that our world is full of stories and color that we fail to ponder. I am drawn to stories and pictures that open doors to another world.

Art is a tremendous outlet for me, not just for stress; but for creativity. I see that life is bigger and greater than what we are actually experiencing, we do not see the whole adventure. I love painting pictures that tell a more colorful and adventurous story. Paintings and stories are meant to entice the viewer to imagine a world with more color, intertwining that color into everyday life. My inspiration comes from a desire to captivate viewers with a world that promises an adventurous starting point for their own story. 

~ Tonya Bloomer


For more information about Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation, visit mcfineartsfoundation.org

To see more of Tonya’s work, visit instagram.com/tonyabloomer

The Pony Espresso is located at 175 Lithia Way, Ashland, OR 97520. We look forward to seeing you there!

"Brachiosaurus" by Tonya Bloomer

“Brachiosaurus” by Tonya Bloomer

"Nighttime Empire" by Tonya Bloomer

“Nighttime Empire” by Tonya Bloomer

"Air Travel" by Tonya Bloomer

“Air Travel” by Tonya Bloomer