“Creative Wilds” – Featuring Art by Sandy Cathcart at Ashland Pony Espresso, August 3rd, 2018

Artists and art appreciators, join us at the Ashland Pony Espresso/Washington Federal Bank for First Friday Art Walk, August 3rd, from 5pm-8pm, for a show featuring the wild and wonderful work of Sandy Cathcart! It’s time to get inspired, so grab a cup of coffee or a meal, meet the artist, and enjoy a fun and relaxing evening of looking at art and talking with other creatives.


About this month’s featured artist:

Sandy Cathcart is a freelance writer, photographer and artist who paints under the name of SCAT. She has published several hundred articles and photos in national and regional magazines. Sandy and her husband, Cat, work as cook and guide for 4E Guide and Supply, a wilderness outfitter. She writes about Creator and everything wild.

As an artist and colorist, Sandy Cathcart loves the beauty of creation. Her immense privilege of living in the highlands of Southern Oregon, daily observing wildlife and the changing colors of sun and moonlight across the landscape, enables her to capture the nuances of color and shading not possible in a photograph. Pastel is her main choice of medium because she loves the richness and vibrancy of their pigment and the intimacy of nothing to break the flow from fingers to paper.


You can see more of Sandy’s work at http://www.sandycathcart.com

For more information about Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation, visit mcfineartsfoundation.org

The Pony Espresso is located at 175 Lithia Way, Ashland, OR 97520. We look forward to seeing you there!

"Warrior King" by Sandy Cathcart

“Warrior King” by Sandy Cathcart

"Rachel Angel" by Sandy Cathcart

“Rachel Angel” by Sandy Cathcart

"Compassionate One" by Sandy Cathcart

“Compassionate One” by Sandy Cathcart