Multimedia Artists Eve Withrow and Miles Frode & Photographers Dan Elster and Joseph Linaschke

Eve Withrow Sky Lake Moon



Eve Withrow

Eve is an internationally known, award-winning professional artist creating quality one-of-a-kind pieces in both water media painting and clay sculpture.  A spiritual seeker and veteran teacher with over 40 years experience, Eve also masterfully guides others to awaken to their innate creativity and thus their essential self by experiencing the brilliance and joy of self-expression. Her vibrant paintings come alive on the walls telling of a blessed connection with nature

“Due to a natural progression through my own life experiences, I have come to deeply respect the power and wisdom of the creative spirit.  Facilitating the creative emergence of others inspires me and in turn I trust that I might inspire others to create their lives from an honest and centered perspective.”



Eve Withrow Silver Teardrop MoonEve Withrow Alaska Sunset







Miles Frode

Miles Frode is a third generation full-time artist of many crafts. He is a freestyle artist, Emcee, Teacher, Musician and Poet who has been an artist and a poet for more than 25 years. He utilizes a style that he has dubbed “Feelism” allowing his “Muse” to inspire and lead him through his artistic process, leaving him to discover his final work in a completely new experience. His art speaks through geometric patterns and fluid brush strokes adding a soft depth to his work. Unique in style and personal in expression his artwork encompasses the dichotamy of the human experience.


Miles Frode 2015-16

Miles Frode 2015-16 show











Dan Elster

Dan loves the natural world and his ability to seamlessly integrate into that world allows him to capture images that would otherwise be impossible to catch. His  striking photographs can be found in fine art festivals, galleries, and private collections all over the west coast and beyond.

Dan is no longer satisfied simply documenting the natural world. He strives to create art; light, composition, behavior and razor sharp focus are almost as important as the animal itself. In the wild, every day is a struggle … just to survive. This is the story he aims to tell. He also hopes is images will serve as reminder that “we don’t own the earth, we share it.” Dan’s new collection expresses moments in nature where everything is connected, everything has significance and words do no justice. His photographs speak of age old wisdom; that of survival, the search for serenity and the magic of simply existing.

Dan Elster Peaceful Moment Spotlight Collection

 Dan Elster Flying Flock Spotlight Collection



Joseph Linaschke

We are thrilled to be featuring these stunning nature-inspired photographs from Joseph Linaschke. His most recent installation features the brilliant and beautiful fall colors of Southern Oregon. This photo compliation takes you on a journey around the valley offering strking pops of color and higlighting the unique natural landscape of the area. Joseph has a standing gallery here at Liquid Assets and his show can currently be viewed in our lovely Treehous Room at the back of the restaurant.