Featured Spotlight Photographer Dan Elster

Survival, above all else, motivates our desires and our actions.

Survival, above all else, motivates our desires and our actions.

Dan Elster
Dan Elster was born in Chicago, 1971. Before he decided to pursue his passion for photography he was the manager of his brother’s food distribution business in Chicago. A few years ago, Dan and his wife Patty took a leap of faith. They quit their jobs, sold their home and hit the road.  Patty took a job as a travel nurse while Dan pursued a dream career in wildlife photography.  After years of the nomadic life, they now call Ashland, Oregon home.



Dan Elster Beauty Reflects Spotlight Collection

Dan Elster Flying Flock Spotlight Collection





Dan loves the natural world and his ability to seamlessly integrate into that world allows him to capture images that would otherwise be impossible to catch. His  striking photographs can be found in fine art festivals, galleries, and private collections all over the west coast and beyond.




Dan Elster Peaceful Moment Spotlight CollectionDan Elster Nomad Spotlight Collection




Dan is no longer satisfied simply documenting the natural world. He strives to create art; light, composition, behavior and razor sharp focus are almost as important as the animal itself. In the wild, every day is a struggle … just to survive. This is the story he aims to tell. He also hopes is images will serve as reminder that “we don’t own the earth, we share it.”

Dan Elster Head to Head Spotlight Collection



Dan’s new collection expresses moments in nature where everything is connected, everything has significance and words do no justice. His photographs speak of age old wisdom; that of survival, the search for serenity and the magic of simply existing.



Dan Elster Woodland Owl Spotlight CollectionDan Elster Owl Perch Spotlight Collection