Painters Catalina Smith and Pegi Smith and Photographers Joeseph Linaschke and Dan Elster


Catalina Smith

Catalina Smith is a local artist who’s medium is a mixture of oil and acrylic paints. She paints surrealist, fantastical images that leave your mind wondering if it has truly seen everything that the painting has to offer. Complex and detailed, her paintings are inspired by threading layers of vivid color and memories through allusion. Her only desire is that viewers of her art would experience a “technicolor jolt, transporting them to a land of relentless vibrancy, even if just for a moment.”

Cat Smith LegsFlower Design












Pegi Smith

We have a fanatstic collection of paintings by Pegi Smith. For this collection she has stuck to her roots with the medium of acrylic on canvas but she is always looking for new ways to reuse old artworks and often will paint over existing paintings to fullfill her inspiration. Her art is full of movement and light, reflecting bright colors the hopeful exuberance of Spring. Her paintings are often ribboned with metallic gold and silver which adds a surreal illusion of depth and movement. Her intense use of color brings a brilliant vibrancy to the natural world.


Pegi Smith ElephantPegi Smith Mother and Child













Joseph Linaschke

We are thrilled to be featuring these stunning nature-inspired photographs from Joseph Linaschke. His most recent installation features the brilliant and beautiful fall colors of Southern Oregon. This photo compliation takes you on a journey around the valley offering strking pops of color and higlighting the unique natural landscape of the area. Joseph has a standing gallery here at Liquid Assets and his show can currently be viewed in our lovely Treehous Room at the back of the restaurant.


Joseph Linaschke Red Fall LeavesFallLeaves_2010-10-22_07-22-37_IMG_8471_©JosephLinaschke2010













Dan Elster

We have a standing collection of photographs up from local artist Dan Elster. His incredible compilation of nature shots range from intimate close-ups of birds and animals to shocking, expansive landscapes located in and around Southern Oregon and Northern California. For a true appreciation of the beautiful place in which we live come check out his photographs located in our cellar and main dinning area.


Dan Elster Raven ProfileDan Elster Raven Wings