Artist Beth Dolos, Painter Miles Frode, & Photographers Joseph Linaschke and Dan Elster

Beth Dolos Encaustic Painting 1

Beth Dolos

Beth Dolos is traditionally a metal worker but has produced something new and fantastic for her show at Liquid Assets. The medium she is playing with is called Encaustic Painting where imagery is created using layers of melted, pigmented beeswax. Layers and layers of different colored wax are added, fused and removed to bring her paintings to life. The result is a collection of art unlike any other we have seen. With soft lines and colors her paintings have a luminous quality that is both visual and tactile. She frames the pieces herself with recycled/refurbished car hoods, an homage to her roots as a metal worker and artist.


Beth Dolos Encaustic Painting 1Beth Dolos Encaustic Painting 2










Miles Frode

Miles is a third generation full-time artist, emcee, musician and poet. He has been an artist and poet for more than 25 years. His art is freestyled and off the cuff, utilizing a technique that he has coined “Feeelism.” He allows the “Muse” to lead and often does not have a clear idea of what he is creating until the piece has been completed. The result is a collection of fantastically surreal paintings filled with abstract imagery and vibrant colors. With a medium of oil and canvas he is able to produce versitle and unique pieces that are sure to strike your fancy.

Miles Frode Art

Miles Frode Art 2











Joseph Linaschke

We are excited to bring you brand new photographs from Joseph Linaschke. His most recent installation features the brilliant and beautiful fall colors of Southern Oregon. This photo compliation takes you on a journey around the valley offering strking pops of color and higlighting the unique natural landscape of the area.

Resized for 30" print at 240dpi for MagnachromeFallLeaves_2010-10-22_05-59-51_IMG_8376_©JosephLinaschke2010








Dan Elster

We still have photographs up from local artist Dan Elster. His incredible compilation of nature shots ranging from intimate close-ups of birds and animals to shocking, expansive landscapes located in and around Southern Oregon and Northern California. For a true appreciation of the beautiful place in which we live come check out his photographs located in our cellar and main dinning area.

Dan Elster Owl EyeDan Elster Coyote