Spotlight Feature Photographer Joseph Linaschke

Joseph Linaschke Red Fall Leaves


Joseph Linaschke 

Joseph “PhotoJoseph” Linaschke is a commercial, portrait, and fine art photographer with a studio located on the Southside of Ashland. His clients include Apple, Mercedes-Benz, the artist Seal, the U.S. Army Reserves, and many other businesses of all sizes—including Liquid Assets, where this show is currently hanging! Be sure to check out their website, to preview his works.




Resized for 30" print at 240dpi for Magnachrome













This collection, “Fall Colors”, was shot in two locations — Ashland, Oregon and Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. A departure from Joseph’s normal photography, this was an exploration both in color and in advanced digital editing techniques. While no image looks obviously edited or manipulated, the scene as you see it in the print is a reflection of the artist’s eye and memory more than the actual scene as anyone else would have seen it. These 30-inch prints are displayed on metal, adding extra depth and a striking richness to each photo.