Painter David Gordon, Clay Artist CJ June, Photographers Dan Elster and Joseph Linaschke

David Gordon Houses

David Gordon

New at Liquid Assets this month is painter and website designer David Gordon. His medium is simple; paint and canvas, his aesthetic; colorful and unconventional. David grew up in a highly creative household and spent his freetime making art and exploring the forest behind his house. Houses have become prevalent in his artwork since attending art school. As symbols of comfort and security, David plays with the juxtaposition of houses in many elemental backgrounds and many states of existence. His melting houses suggest a state of impermenance reflected in the subtle fluidity of nature. He contrasts these abstract images with bright, patient colors that evokes the power of the natural elements. His paintings have appreared in magazines, TV shows, and Newspapers and are collected worldwide.


David Gordon Forest House  IMG_20141119_133130











CJ June

A new artist whose aesthetic is unlike any we have shown before; CJ June is a clay artist who draws her inspiration for this collection from the prehistoric art found in the ancient caves of the Pyrenees mountain range bordering France and Spain. Throughout her many travels in Europe she was struck by the reoccurring images of horses, bison, deer, lions, sheep and goats which have been depicted for over 18,000 years as ancient spiritual symbols of the region. These caves are now referred to as Sanctuaries and Cathedrals and many are no longer open to the general population. Using these spiritual symbols as her inspiration CJ has crafted clay molds to simulate the walls of the Pyrenees Caves  and adapted the images to reflect their spiritual significance in her own life. Don’t miss out on this exquisite show.


CJ Buffalo Roaming CJ Four Horses






Dan Elster

We have new photographs up from local artist Dan Elster. His incredible compilation of nature shots ranging from intimate close-ups of birds and animals to shocking, expansive landscapes located in and around Southern Oregon and Northern California. For a true appreciation of the beautiful place in which we live come check out his photographs located in our cellar and main dinning area.


Dan Elster Owl Eye Dan Elster Coyote









Joseph Linaschke 

Located in our recently renovated Tree House Room we have a collection of metal worked photographs from Joseph Linaschke. His black and white photos of historical landmarks and stunning nature shots are expertly imposed onto sheets of crafted metal offering a unique and innventive art platform. Utilizing stark, geometric lines and a sharp focus, this collection makes for a lovely contrast to his previous installation of the female body.