Painter Pegi Smith and Photographers Dan Elster and Joseph Linaschke

Liquid Assets is overjoyed to welcome back artist, Pegi Smith, who has created an exciting new installation just for Liquid Assets and the opening of our newly renovated restaurant. Peggy draws inspiration from her canvas; she does not sketch prior to the paint touching the canvas, allowing herself to be fully immersed in the creative process. Pegi’s art is bright, fluid and dimensional. ┬áHer passion for color is seamlessly integrated into her images.

















In the bar we have a new collection from Joseph Linaschke. His black and white photographs of historical landmarks and stunning nature shots are expertly imposed onto sheets of crafted metal offering a unique and innventive art platform. Utilizing stark, geometric lines and a sharp focus, his new collection makes for a lovely contrast to his previous installation of the female body.


IMG_20140814_125721 IMG_20140814_125911







We also featuring local artist Dan Elster and his incredible compilation of nature shots ranging from intimate close-ups of animals to shocking, expansive landscapes located in and around Southern Oregon and Northern California. For a true appreciation of the beautiful place in which we live come check out his photographs located in our cellar and main dinning area.