March/April Exhibition :: Space is Doubt

Tanner Lind, Infinite Leap, acrylic and ink on canvas

Tanner Lind, Infinite Leap, acrylic and ink on canvas

March/April :: Space is Doubt

Elizabeth Arzani and Tanner Lind

March 25 – April 30

Gallery Hours:

Thursday – Saturday 12:00 – 5:00

Sunday 12:00 – 4:00

Appointments are available too.

About the Exhibition:

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is Georges Perec’s contemplation on the systems of space: both those that exist and those that don’t. He ruminates on the fragility and slipperiness of space, “like sand running through one’s fingers,” remarking on its elusive qualities akin to time and memory, proclaiming that space is a doubt.

Elizabeth Arzani and Tanner Lind’s work ask different questions about systems: both absent and present. Tanner’s abstractions create spaces that consider the balance between intention and unpredictability, asking questions about how things come to be. Alternatively, Elizabeth’s works on paper map the unknown in curvilinear detours, offering forms of communication that extend language. Off the page, curved forms are translated in ceramics that ask questions about the space of transitions; where things connect, are forced, or just won’t work.