October/November 2021 :: Claire Duncan, Christian Burchard, Kristy Kun

Christian Burchard & Kristy Kun, Shell no. 6, Wood and Fiber Sculpture

Christian Burchard & Kristy Kun, Shell no. 6, Wood and Fiber Sculpture

Claire Duncan, Christian Burchard, Kristy Kun

Acrylic Paintings, Wood Sculpture, Fiber Sculpture

October 14 – November 20

Gallery Hours:

Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00 
Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00 
Appointments are also available. 


This month’s exhibition features graceful paintings by Claire Duncan, elegant wood sculptures by Christian Burchard, and rich fiber sculptures by Kristy Kun.

Claire Duncan’s current work continues her series of paintings responding to questions of what it means to be human at a time when our own actions threaten the very nature that inspires us. The creatures that inhabit her paintings appear to bear witness to the after-effects of human impact and give silent judgment. We are left to choose between the comforting, even sublime, experience of immersive nature and the anxiety we face when confronted with the consequences of human activity.

Christian Burchard works exclusively with Madrone burl transforming into elegant, often surprising forms. Sandblasting, bleaching, and burning the surface reveals the detail and expressiveness of the wood. The result is a balance of control and freedom; a collaboration between artist and material.

Kún forged her artistic mettle apprenticing as a woodworker and upholsterer during her early twenties. Dedicating thirteen years to building mortise and tenon constructed furniture from reclaimed wood, her respect for materials and craftsmanship in their reverential structure, is planted deep. Her engineered layouts of complex joinery in fiber and finely finished surfaces resonate with the craftsmanship of a fine cabinet-maker; While the organic forms that take rise from her hands capture a biomorphic fragility of the living world.
That Christian Burchard and Kristy Kún started collaborating seemed so obvious. Both are trained woodworkers, Christian, with just a bit of felting knowledge and Kristy, a professional and a teacher. It started with a wooden disk abandoned in a corner of Christian’s workshop that, once steamed and re-formed, became perfect containers for Kristy’s felt forms. From this emerged a synthesis of form and texture fossil-like and elegant.

Claire Duncan, Unsettled Amity, Acrylic on Birch Panel

Claire Duncan, Unsettled Amity, Acrylic on Birch Panel