July 2021 :: Wataru Sugiyama & Jon Jay Cruson

Jon Jay Cruson
Overview #18
Acrylic on canvas

Jon Jay Cruson Overview #18 Acrylic on canvas

Wataru Sugiyama & Jon Jay Cruson

Ceramic Sculptures and Landscape Paintings

July 1 – August 14

Gallery Hours:

Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00

Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00

Wataru Sugiyama

Wataru has cultivated an appreciative audience for the Haniwa type  imagery in his sculpture. Elements of Japanese history and mythology are almost the exclusive focus of Wataru’s creations. He interprets  imaginary and existing objects and gives them a modern twist by  bringing his personal vision to these subjects. His sculptures are truly inspirational, have a powerful presence, sense of humor, and make a strong impression on his viewers. Besides historical elements, extremely fine detail and exquisite facial expressions are featured on image1 copy 3 his sculptures.

Jon Jay Cruson

Jon Jay Cruson is a true West Coast artist. His paintings, stylized shapes, patterns, and colors are the result of much time spent studying the Pacific Northwestern landscape. His style is unsullied by trends or fashions. While remaining representational, his paintings tend toward the abstract, a double pull that is one source of the creative tension in his work. Jon’s work is included in countless permanent collections including the Portland Art Museum, University of Oregon Museum of Art, and The Victoria Albert Museum in London, England.