The 24×24 Solution:: all wall work 24×24 and smaller in the gallery will be shipped free

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Teas & Cherries, oil on linen, 18x15

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Teas & Cherries, oil on linen, 18x15

In response to the challenging and ever changing landscape of the current health concerns we have, this April, The 24×24 Solution. We are offering free shipping in the U.S. on the pieces in this collection or make arrangements to pick it up locally.  You may see the work on our website beginning Friday, April 3rd or by appointment at the gallery.

Because you are staying in and doing your part to insure the health of your community we are offering ways to make this possible while still supporting the arts and finding ways of expressing your unique vision. We are offering to take care of shipping these items to your home. Wonderful things come in these small packages including works by:

Robert Koch, Judy Wise, Tom Hausken, Korey Gulbrandson, Claire Duncan, Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Gabriel Lipper, Maryann Puls, Robert Schlegel, Randall David Tipton, Noriko Sugita, Cathy Valentine, Robin Olsen, Millie Whipplesmith Plank & Élan Chardin G.

Christmas Landscape, oil on panel, 12x12

Randall Tipton, Christmas Landscape, oil on panel, 12×12

Please see our website for a view of what is available in this offering.

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For appointment call 541-301-1031.