Élan Chardin Gombart & Cathy Valentine, Abstract in Nature, acrylic and encaustic

Élan Chardin Gombart, Screen l, acrylic on panel

Élan Chardin Gombart, Screen l, acrylic on panel

Using elements and influence of the natural world around us as well as drawing from states of a more human nature, Cathy Valentine and Élan Chardin Gombart both create abstract work that present layers of floating shapes, colors and lines.  While both artists incorporate hints and clues of objects or landscape, the where/what/how are given over to the reflection and imagination of the viewer.  

Artist reception, First Friday, October 7th from 5-8 p.m. Show runs October 6th-November 1st.




Cathy Valentine, Windswept Bone, 14 1/4″ x 9 1/4″



Cathy Valentine has been working with an encaustic process for several years. She builds up multiple layers of wax while drawing, staining and/or carving each layer to create a depth of transparency. The use of this material combines many disciplines; collage, printmaking imagery and sculptural qualities are seen in the final result.

Élan Chardin Gombart, Screen ll, acrylic on panel 36"42"

Élan Chardin Gombart, Screen ll, acrylic on panel 36”x42”


Élan received her BFA in visual design from the University of Oregon in 1995 via a circuitous route that included studies at The Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR, Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and The University of New Mexico. Having worked extensively in photography and drawing, Élan has also explored bookbinding, letterpress printing, and currently, primarily works in mixed media painting.
Her most current paintings present colliding layers of colors and textures that hint at elements of landscape or micro/macro worlds existing simultaneously in a positive/negative relationship to each other.