WATARU SUGIYAMA ceramic sculpture & PETER VANFLEET sculptural/abstract painting

Meditating Owl, Wataru Sugiyama

Hanson Howard Gallery will feature the ceramic sculptures of Wataru Sugiyama and abstract paintings of Peter VanFleet this July. Working with vastly different approaches, for both artists a formative element is the simultaneous embrace of and departure from tradition.  The play with material and form allows them to push and pull at ideas of traditional spiritual and classical forms.

Exhibition runs June 30th – August 2nd. Please join us for an artist’s reception on Friday, July 1st 5-8 p.m.



Wataru Sugiyama originally came from Japan to Southern Oregon as a Speech and Communication major, to fulfill a long-held dream of teaching English.  By chance, he took a class in ceramics to fulfill a course requirement.  It changed his life.  Suddenly, he found that he could bring his personal vision and form to what had been a rigid Japanese esthetic.  He could combine the traditional and the contemporary in new and exciting ways — ways that he would not have been able to do in the structured artistic world of Japan.


 Peter VanFleet

Part painting, part sculpture, Peter Van Fleet‘s work invites us to experience dimensionality, structure, and vibrant color. Wood is peeled, stressed, recombined, and puzzled thru to create new surfaces, elemental colors, and plenty of room for thought about the tumultuous power of creation or the soft quiet of a simple melody.