Mali Market Day

Multicultural Celebrations by renowned artist, Betty LaDuke will include small paintings (32” X 42”) depicting the lives of villagers from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

“I hope that my visual impressions reach out beyond the confines of national boundaries to reveal that in spite of our cultural differences, human survival is dependent on our ability to connect with one another through understanding and compassion. Bonding with my family and friends on a multicultural, global level nurtures me.
I have a need to continue sharing visually and verbally examples of human dignity and hope” Betty LaDuke

We have represented Betty since the gallery first opened in 1980 with many exhibits throughout her prolific career. Most of her
exhibitions and collections are shown or owned by museums and
she rarely shows in galleries. We are privileged to make this collection of *small paintings (42” x 32”) accessible to our community.
50% of proceeds will be donated to The Oregon Community Foundation in support of Rogue Valley visual arts.