Inflexion 400
“Fine Lines”, photography by Vincent Leandro is a collection of current work including many recent award-winning images from prestigious exhibitions around the country. Vincent comments, “Lines exist everywhere. There are literal lines, and conceptual ones. We stand in them, or behind them. Sometimes we cross them. We use them as borders and boundaries. They contain, constrain, define. They point, wave, zigzag, sag, and encircle. They are used to communicate, as written language or drawn images. Lines may be woven together, or break apart. They create shape and form, from doodles to buildings.

Being especially fond of visual repetition, which at once excites and calms me, I find lines to be most facile in their ability to surprise and delight. My hope is that the images presented here will increase the viewer’s awareness of, and appreciation for, the lines that are everywhere around us.