Botanecas Artephonius


Wayne Armstrong, is a prolific artist whose studio is in East Bay area of California. This exhibit features a portfolio of prints, originally watercolor paintings, that appear to be botanical illustrations. On further examination, the viewer will find images and references to familiar master artists. The portfolio is produced by “Magnolia Editions” in Oakland , CA

“This series is based on the concept that various artists, not nature, designed and created flowering plants in their own distinctive style. In each painting I used
classical botanical images as a visual model. I chose artists that had a recognizable style. What if artists instead of nature could create their own flowering plants?”

The Artists include: Leonardo DaVinci, Dali, Michelangelo, Magritte, Escher, Munch, Klimt, Klee, Picasso, Oldenburg, Van Gogh, Warhol.