Carol Ingram, "Childhood", oil on canvas

Carol Ingram, “Childhood”, oil on canvas

Carol Ingram’s unique style captures a drama reminiscent of the paintings created by JMW Turner late in his career.
“For me, painting is a mysterious process. I start each painting with a general idea of what I’m going to do, but as I work, the dialogue begins, and things start evolving. My job is to be responsive to what is happening on the canvas, to recognize when it’s good, and to move with it. This involves letting go of knowledge, preconceived ideas, and too much thinking, and that can be really hard. But after all these years of painting, the only thing that works for me is to trust the process. I love the fact that when a painting is finished, I’m always surprised at how it looks, and I think, how did I paint that?”

Dennis Meiners work is known for highly textured surfaces and metaphoric content.
“The act of making things is a magical privilege for which I have made and will make many sacrifices. I have found that the objects that result from the act of making are secondary to being in the process of bringing those objects into existence.

Dennis Meiners, "Choices Stump Teapot"

Dennis Meiners, “Choices Stump Teapot”