Paintings, Prints and a Chaise Lounge

Noriko Sugita Becraft, "Come What Will", oil on canvas

Noriko Sugita Becraft, “Come What Will”, oil on canvas

“I often think about what it is to be human–how we live as imperfect creatures between avarice and morality, in pain and joy, obstinately existing before an unknown future.
In creating visual images, I depend on momentary inspiration. I layer thin pigments, creating reminders that our human experience is layered. Sometimes I change directions, covering or leaving snippets behind. I believe that having no clear image in front of me is actually valuable–that if I knew the end from the beginning I would lose my appetite to begin. I’ve learned that if I reach, I will find something valuable, somehow, somewhere.
Artwork teaches me daily that I’m human.”

This is a tiny detail of a massive sculpture that one must see to believe.

Karen Rycheck, detail - a tiny portion of "chaise lounge", mosaic tile

Karen Rycheck, detail – a tiny portion of “chaise lounge”, mosaic tile