Gifts by the Gifted

We all need a little joy, hope and uplifting right now. Gallerie Karon is covering that with the opening of our new show. Art is something that will cheer you, offer you serenity and inspiration as well as beautify our homes. We’re showing art in many forms from all our artists. You can choose between paintings, photographs, porcelain plaques, jewelry, artifacts, antiques and much more!

If you are buying gifts for the holidays, this is the perfect time to come in for the best selection. We are happy to assist you with the challenging ones on your list! Gallerie Karon also carries gifts for the home or something you might want to give each other. These can be small interesting tables, large and small altars and shrines, Buddhas, Quan Yins, African masks and many other distinctive small accent pieces.

First Friday will feature live music.  Not to be missed, the introduction of gourmet exotic chocolate bars by Cocoa and Craft, a local company owned by Brendon and Amelie Kirkland. We promise to save you some! Portable Tibetan Shrine