Artist as Poet II – A Poets Garden

This month Gallerie Karon carries over the April exhibit showing the duo accomplishments of the poets. Some do photography, music composition or varied artwork in addition to writing poetry. We have a wall exhibiting the Dan Fellman family works of music composition, art and poetry. A unique wall collection!

Our featured artist is Thomas Christian Wolfe who’s stunning work Aurora Pacis is mixed media. His focus is legends and myths currently and Aurora, fresh from a battle victory, reflects this. He has also brought in examples of his other works which can be ordered as giclee prints and hopes to share his poetry soon. Christian is moving on to new themes so this is your chance to own one of his most famous pieces!

Other artist/poets include Cathy de Forest with her broadsides and aphorisms by William Shaffer. Steve Deffenbacher with his trail sketchbooks combined with photos and poetry. Patty and Vince Wixon brought their latest books. Ken Deveney has added photography. Other artists will be rotated into the show this monthAuroraPacis_Full_01AuroraPacis_PromoDetail_05