Artist As Poet – A Poets Garden

This month Gallerie Karon features the work of renown artist, Thomas Christian Wollfe. We are honored to present his latest work Aurora Pacis. As with his other paintings in this series, honoring the feminine, he calls on famous myths and legends. Aurora depicts the Goddess of Light. He has said that this painting, as well as Persephone and Joan of Arc will be the last of this series as he has come up with thoughts and excitement about a new series. This means this is the last chance to own one of these before he moves on! AuroraPacis_Full_01

Besides Wolfe’s work, we are showing works of other artists/poets who have duo accomplishments in photography, painting, broadsides and musical composition. These include Steve Dieffenbacher with his charming trail sketchbooks. Ken Deveney, painting, photography and music. Todd Davis – photography (note particularly his Sunflowers which are so important right now!) Horst Wolf shows us a bit of humor in his paintings and limericks and his many books. Judy Benson LaNeir shows her “Bobcat” photo, a prize winner that graces the cover of the current gallery guide. We’re also honored to have broadsides for sale from Kathy DeForests’ collection. She will be leaving the area soon so here is another chance to own something very special. Poetry books by all these artist/poets will be available at the gallery.