East Meets East

It’s the Year of the Tiger

This new year will prove to be a wonderful, fulfilling one as the tiger is an extremely auspicious sign. This time of year is celebrated in many countries. Japan, China, Tibet, Thailand and more. We will be featuring pieces from all these countries as well as others.

Central to the exhibit is a fantastic family shrine from the early 1900’s. It’s spectacular in black and gold with all the appropriate accessories. We also have many Buddha’s and Quan Yin’s for you to select from and an antique Buddha in bronze and gold will reside in this altar.

Check out the tiger with chests, tables, altars and accessories in our window. We know it will be a good year as in our other window we show a life size baboon fortune teller and her client and has confirmed it!

Besides all of this we feature our 30 artists, our famous animals and a wonderful collection of African art. Come see all that we have and help us celebrate the Year of the Tiger!