The Female of the Species

Feminine, Passionate, Exotic, Feline

Gallerie Karon presents our annual all female artists invitational show. Over 20 artists are represented, in all mediums. We have several artists working in jewelry such as Claudia McAllister ( vintage beads and Karen Hillside silver), Denise Hazelton (antique beads and giant pearls), Eileen Rouse ( Egyptian style collars) and Raina Bradshaw (sapphires and gold). Pegi Smith has brought to the gallery 2 new paintings from her Raven and Mystic series which has a high allegorical feel.There will be new photography and acrylic flower paintings from several artists. Ceramic pieces come from Christina Olsen, Jerri Cook and Kat McIver, practical and again, allegorical. One of the highlights will be a display of Afghani and Moroccan wedding regalia put together by Zahara. Items will be for sale. (Zahara won’t be able to dance for us this time but hopefully in the future. We will miss that great dance element to the show! )

First Friday Art Walk can’t happen yet so be sure to drop in and see this fabulous exhibit for yourself after September 4th.

We are maintaining our regular gallery hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 5. Don’t forget to wear your mask and come see us!

Mixed media painting by Pegi Smith – “Listen to the Wind”

Raven Speak