Images Thru the Eye of the Photographer

Oxford EnglandAll Photography Show

We’re open and this is our new show for July! Photography continues to be strong in Ashland and we have a number of fantastic photography artists! We’ll be showing nature photography by Judy Benson LaNier, Jim Langhoffer and Jamie Lusch. ┬áPortraits will be from Pam Danielle. ┬áLandscapes are covered by Jesse Widener and Todd Davis. Then we have the world travel shots by Ken Deveney, Andi Taylor and Steve Dieffenbacher. Other artists are represented as well.

The techniques are unique and varied – iphoneography and digital bitting among others. Some on canvas and others on metal. We love that Terry Skibby, Historic Commission photographer, will be with us again and will have portfolios of early scenes around Ashland.

First Friday Artwalk can’t happen quite yet but we are open Tuesdays thru Saturdays 11-5