Artist as Poet lll

A Poet’s Garden

Can you come out and play? By the time you read this we will be open! Come join us in our garden for real! Stroll from our French Country garden (featuring painting by Pegi Smith) to start. Move on to the romantic Italian setting with classic garden statuary, Chianti for the gardener and a painting by Rebecca Gabriel. Now on to the Natural garden with  antique mushroom prints, pods, mossy rocks, mushrooms, leaves and a trail sketchbook by Steve Dieffenbacher. His artworks are joined with photographs by Ken Deveney and Jonah Bornstien.

Lastly, enter the Japanese garden where a poet has just stepped away from his table where he’s been practicing calligraphy. On the wall above, a classic Quan Yin and examples of calligraphy by Liz Sheppard.

Other highlights in this show include a group exhibit by Dan Fellman and his family – artwork, poetry and musical compositions.

Now you will be able to get up close and read the remarkable poetry by these artists/poets!

Be the first to see how beautiful and inspiring a garden in spring can be!

Call ahead as our hours have not yet been set and don’t forget to wear your mask. Italian Garden Painting by Rebecca Gabriel