A Journey To Africa



Artifacts from Ashanti to Yuruba, from Benin to Nigeria.

You’ll find textiles to hang or drape and masks to hang or display on custom made stands. One of these masks, heavily beaded, was made for a King , a man of powerful but dubious history.

Others were used in ceremonies to insure good crops, fertility or to celebrate auspicious occasions.

Many were worn for ceremonial dances (if the wearer couldn’t see, he was supported and guided by men on either side)

Fantastic furniture will be shown – the most unusual being a hand carved cabinet for sacred herbs and medicines and is carved all around.

Last and our most favorite, a procession of Benin bronze leopards, the largest being life size. These will be accompanied by photographs of leopards by Judy Benson LeNeir, Vernon Lawhorn and Pegi Smith. All these exotic pieces will be displayed for purchase in the main section of Gallerie Karon and an all new special room in The Feathered Wing.