Artist As Poet

Tyger by William Blake

Tyger by William Blake

The exhibit continues through May showcasing artists who are also poets (and vice versa). It’s surprising how many do both!

Highlights include a very limited edition of Cathy DeForest’s and Derek Pyle’s 3 folio set, Alchemy: Invitations and Offerings. The set includes many signed pieces by well known artists and writers.

A very special exhibit addition is a new photo and poem by Todd Davis, formerly of Ashland.

Also featured are husband and wife team, Bruce Barton and Jerri Cook Barton. Her Downton Abbey portrait on porcelain tile, of Maggie Smith (as Lady Violet) will make you smile. The Abbey appears in the background , slightly askew signifying changing times.

Don’t miss the sketchbooks with notations by Steve Dieffenbacher and who knew Jonah Bornstein was also a photographer? Come see his work and be surprised.

We carry poetry books by our artists year round but have a particularly good selection right now.